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Footbed Cosmas Leather

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    Desert x 2.0 gtx®


    Half boot for military operations, ideal on steep, rocky and uneven grounds


    Military & Security

      EN ISO 20347:2012 O3 HI AN HRO WR FO SRA

    • HEIGHT

      20,5 cm

    • UPPER

      Water-repellent perwanger® suede leather 1.6-1.8 mm thick, hardwearing... »

    • LINING

      GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort Footwear

    • SOLE

      Sole with cushioning system in pu and vibram® foura' tread , anti-slip,... »

    • weight

      710 gr

    • COLOR


    • climate

      temperate, Summer

    back puller

    rear handle for a quick fit

    lace pocket

    invisible and functional for greater safety and comfort

    malleolus protection

    made of a rigid ankle protection that supports the ankle and restricts the risk of sprains, and a special shock absorbing material that dissipates and reduces the force generated by impacts

    rear and/or front flexor

    the padded flexors allow a proper flexion of the foot in the correct areas, enabling a wide range of movements while walking, driving, going up and down the stairs

    PERWANGER® suede leather

    reverse stitching

    inverted double stitching to prevent abrasions caused by external objects

    extended toe lacing system

    cosmas® lacing systems respect the anatomy of the foot and allow you to customize the fit and level of lacing

    Excellent rigidity for uneven grounds

    sole with Excellent rigidity for uneven grounds


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