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3. Safety


Chaisaw shield

Chainsaw shild resistance

Some footwear offer chainsaw resistance as required by the Standard EN ISO 17249:2004.
It is important to underline that no personal protective equipment can afford 100% protection against cutting by a chainsaw. Nonetheless, our experience has shown that it is possible to design equipment that offer a reasonable level of protection.

Various protective strategies can be applied:
- chain slips on contact, so that it does not cut the material
- fibres accumulate on the chain and in the saw gearbox, causing the chain to stop
- fibres with high resistance to cutting absorbing the rotation energy, therefore reducing the speed of the chain.

Soft shield

JAS jolly anti-perforation system

Jolly Scarpe uses penetration-resistant insoles made by a multilayer construction applying special antiperforation composite textile material “Zero Perforation mm” according to the standard EN 12568:2010. Textile antiperforation insoles compared to the old style metal plates, offer considerable ergonomics and safety advantages: more protective surface, flexibility, insulation, moisture absorption, reduced weight.

Ankle shield

Ankle protection

Many shoes among our collection have an ankle protection insert. We inserted a rigid ankle protection in order to support the ankle in a suitable way and thus restricting the risk of distortions in combination with specific shock absorbing material so to dissipate and reduce the force generated by dangerous impacts.

Flame shield

Heat resistance

High level of heat insulation: all Jolly footwear belonging to the FIRE and SEARCH & RESCUE collections reach the HI³ level with values that exceed of medium 30% the minimum standard EN15090:2012 requirements. The radiant heat insulation exceeds of medium 70% the minimum requirements of EN15090:2012.

Qrs shield

Total opening zipper Quick-Release

The lacing system with the total opening zipper Quick-Release allows the highest level of adjustment and precision of lacing, as well as the easeness of release of the footwear. ADJUSTMENT/PRECISION/RELEASE are the pivot point of the implementation to the concept of safety, of our know-how in terms of ergonomics and namely are the result of continuous and effective relationship with the end users. The completely splittable zipper, allows a complete cleaning of the footwear, even in those spots that are not-accessible with traditional zippers. The replaceable zip slider means longer lasting life of the whole zipper element and thus saving in accessories costs.

Alu shield

Aluminium 200J toe cap

With this aluminium alloy toe cap, Jolly Scarpe introduces a new technology into its safety footwear. The unique and exclusive features of this toe cap are: weight 40% lighter than steel, notch toughness stable up to -50°, high resistance to oxidation, anallergic, not polluting.

Compo shield

Composite RTM toe cap

New extremely light 200J safety toecap Novation RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding), made out of composite material and silicon fibres. Asymmetric with supporting base, manufactured and tested according to EN 12568.

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