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For over 35 years now JOLLY SCARPE SPA has been an important supplier of professional footwear for people who dedicate their lives to the protection and safety of their fellow citizens.

Research, technological advances, innovative materials, safety, comfort and service are the fundamental elements that characterise Jolly Scarpe and that made it a Leading company in the sector and a reference point for all professionals.

It has an excellent sales service, with fast deliveries guaranteed by the availability of stocks of all models, prompt response times and flexible management of all Customer requests and requirements, with a consistent and punctual after-sales service.

Thanks to the several positive evaluations it received, Jolly Scarpe spa, with its Jolly® and Cosmas® brands, offers the most comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of professional footwear in Europe.

Jolly Scarpe® aims at creating the perfect combination of full compliance with the safety standards and the use of state-of-the-art technologies

Our main goal is our customers’ full satisfaction: this mission shall also further solidify our market leadership and let us continue developing new products in our research & development centre.

Jolly Scarpe® aims at creating the perfect combination of full compliance with the safety standards and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, thanks in particular to the strong partnerships it has built with Companies that supply highly technological materials.

All this allows us to guarantee the compliance with the rules and regulations from time to time in force, by not only satisfying the mandated minimum requirements, but indeed by offering much better performance.

Jolly® footwear is used by the operators of the main Local Police Stations, the Ministry of Interiors, namely, the National Fire Brigade and the State Police and countless other Aid and multi-utility Services. Jolly® is also a leading supplier of Fire Brigades, Police and Military units in Europe.

Cosmas® is a synonym of quality, design, research and safety

Initially, the Cosmas® brand was launched to market trekking and outdoors footwear. In the last 12 years, however, its production developed to include PPE and Military footwear.

Cosmas® is s synonym of quality, design, research and safety.

Cosmas® footwear is preferred by demanding customers such as the Military, Search & Rescue personnel, the Civil Defence Corps, the police, professional and volunteer emergency aid staff and, in general, by all the people who work in especially demanding conditions and for whom protection and comfort are essential.

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