Jolly Scarpe for “Bambini delle Fate”

About us

We are a social enterprise that has been involved in social communication and regular fundraising since 2005.

We work to provide economic support for social inclusion projects and programmes run by local partners in favour of families with family members suffering from autism and other disabilities.

We wish to promote a “different outlook” on social issues: without denying or downplaying the burden of these people’s daily challenges and efforts, for us it is important to tell, with a smiling face, about the potential of these young people and about the great strength of their families.

Through a capillary network of collaborators, we try to involve entrepreneurs and citizens alike in our projects, encouraging them to engage in “short distance” sponsorships and to sponsor inclusion projects long-term … not simply a child with autism or a disability.

What we do

We are involved exclusively in social communication and regular fundraising:we wish to create groups of supporters for our services that by committing to us on a long-term basis, can support inclusion and autonomy projects continuously and reliably, to improve the life of the many families who cope with a family member with autism or a disability every day of the year. And today, too.

We work on a partnership basis with voluntary sector operators that are monitored yearly by our Medical Committee.