Before use, inspect the footwear to check that it is in perfect condition, clean and fully intact. Should the footwear show obvious signs of wear or malfunction it must not be used until it has been restored to full working conditions if possible, or discarded.
In particular, you should check that:
– the fastening systems and the quick removal system (if there is one) are working properly
– the sole is undamaged
– the footwear is suitable (try it for fit).
CAUTION: the footwear will only meet safety requirements when worn properly and kept in good condition. The Manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage or injury resulting from improper use.


To get the best service from your footwear, we recommend:
1. Choose the right model to suit the specific requirements of the work place and the relative environmental/atmospheric conditions.
2. Choose the right size, preferably by trying the boots/shoes on.
3. When not in use, keep your footwear in a dry, well-ventilated place.
4. Inspect your footwear for signs of damage before each use.
5. Clean your footwear regularly as follows:
– full grain leather uppers: use a soft brush, cleaning paper, cloth, and clean with tepid water
– nabuk or suede uppers: use a small piece of natural rubber or use a wire / hard plastic brush ; as an alternative you can also use thin sandpaper. Clean with tepid water.
– fabric uppers (Kevlar® , Cordura® , etc): clean with a sponge or cloth and water, then dry with a soft cloth. The frequency with which you need to clean your footwear will depend on the conditions of use.
After every use it is recommended to check the footwear and to take away the removable inner sole so that drying is accelerated. It is also suggested to wash the inner sole regularly at 30°C by hand washing and possibly with some neutral soap (except for leather inner soles).
6. We advise periodic treatment of the uppers with a suitable product to preserve impermeability and water repellency. Jolly Scarpe Spa supplies IDROSTOP CREAM (ideal for full grain leather uppers) and IDROSTOP SPRAY ,reviving and waterproofing product (recommended for fabric uppers – Kevlar®, Cordura® – but also suitable for full grain leather, nabuk and suede).
ATTENTION: to maintain the high breathability of full grain leather and uppers, never use cleaning products containing grease or oil. Do not use wax based polish.
7. Do not use aggressive cleaning products (petrol, acids, solvents, alkalis, etc.) as these could compromise the quality, safety and durability of the PPE.
8. Do not dry your footwear near or in direct contact with heat sources (stoves, radiators, open fireplaces, direct sunlight, etc.).


This footwear has been manufactured without using any toxic or harmful materials. They have to be considered as a non-hazardous industrial waste and identified according to the European Waste Catalogue (EWC):

  • Leather: 04.01.99
  • Textiles: 04.02.99
  • Cellulose material: 03.03.99
  • Metallic material: 17.04.99 or 17.04.07
  • PU and PVC coated fabrics, elastomeric and polymeric material: 07.02.99


If, when purchased, the footwear has a removable inner sole supplied by the manufacturer, this guarantees that the performance of that item of footwear was determined by testing footwear that was complete with the removable inner sole in question. Should it be necessary to replace the inner sole, it must be replaced by a similar one supplied by the manufacturer.
If, when purchased, the footwear does not have a removable inner sole, this guarantees that the performance of that item of footwear was determined by testing footwear that was not fitted with the removable inner sole in question. The introduction of a removable inner sole might negatively affect the protection functions of footwear.


Fastenings articles 9381, 9065, 9052 and 9300